If you want to know how to buy a car in the UK, the What Car? website is a great place to start. Whether you are buying a new car from a dealership or a used car privately, their website will take you through the whole car car buying-process, making it as cost effective – and enjoyable as possible.

Start by finding out how much your current car is worth by using the free What Car? used car valuations

Once you’ve got your valuation, the next decision you’ll need to make is whether to go for a new or used car – the What Car? site will even look at a third option that could prove best for you.

Next, the What Car? website will help you choose the right make and model to suit your individual needs. They’ll take you through What Car?’s new car reviews written both by their experienced road testers and real-life owners before showing you how to compare data, specifications and prices between multiple models, saving endless hours spent scouring manufacturers’ websites. They will also help you make an informed decision between diesel and petrol power.

Beyond this, the What Car? website explains the reasons behind depreciation, while also looking at its implications when you come to sell on and goes on to explain how to take a test drive using What Car?’s road-test regime and reveal the nine key areas where potential cars should score top marks.

The website can even help you get the best deal, with invaluable tips on how to haggle with a car dealer, by combining What Car?’s haggling tips with new-car discounts that they’ve found at main dealers through their Target Price promise.

When it comes to paying for your car, they’ll take a look at how car finance works – stripping away the jargon to help you get the best deal possible and finally, they’ll run through the post-purchase paperwork and deliveryphase and look at waiting times, handover procedures and – in the worst case – rejection of your new vehicle.

Buying any expensive item brings risks, but following their advice should make the whole process a whole lot smoother and far less stressful.