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English School of Motoring

Driving Lessons South Shields

Here at English School of Motoring we provide driving lessons throughout the South Shields area. We have been providing quality driving lessons for many years now in South Shields and we offer top class instructors to help you meet your goal of getting on the road.

We believe in going that extra mile for all our students and not only do we get you through the dreaded practical test we will help with the theory test and any other queries too- this is to ensure that you can really focus on getting in the zone to pass and to get your well deserved freedom.

All of our instructors are highly qualified professional individuals and and equipped to deal with the anxieties associated with learning to drive. It maybe very stressful for one student and not for another but all our driving instructors need to be fully prepared to deal with any issues in a sensitive way. What we also aim for, and believe is important is that our students feel they are in reliable hands and have the same tutor and car so they can get used to them and there won't be any interruptions with the learning process.

When you phone us for information or to book driving lessons in South Shields we will give you a friendly and professional touch. We have no detached call centre staff - we have a reliable local team who know what it takes to get you through your test. Call us directly today on freephone 0800 0234 389.