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English School of Motoring

Advanced Driving Courses North East

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At English School of Motoring, we offer more advanced driver training including Pass Plus, Intensive Courses and Approved Driving Instructor training.

Intensive Driving Courses

Intensive driving courses, often known as crash courses, are designed to fit lessons into one block period.

The Best Way to do an Intensive Course

It has been proven that driving lessons longer than two hours or up to a maximum of three per day become ineffective as the pupil reaches a learning plateau and stops absorbing information. We know the best results are achieved when driving lessons are for two hours every day. Different pupils will require different hourly input to pass their test. To give you an example a pupil who needs thirty hours to pass could do the entire course over four days; which we know has a poor proven pass rate, or they could learn for two hours every day over fifteen days, spreading the lessons is a better way to pass.

If you need to pass in a week remember you must be committed and have a real ambition to succeed.

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Pass Plus

The Pass Plus Course is great for those who would like that extra level of confidence on the roads or for those who need a boost in their driving skills set. 'Pass Plus' was created by the Driving Standards Agency working with other bodies in the Motor Insurance and Driving Instruction sector and is recommended for all who want to drive on the roads with safety in mind... We offer the Pass Plus Course throughout the North East.

Once you've passed your test there is a special course designed to give you more driving experience this is the Pass Plus. The Pass Plus ensures additional safety on the road, it is designed by the Driving Standards Agency in combination with Motor Insurance and Driving Instruction Industries. Statistics show new drivers are ten times more likely to be involved in an accident, this reflects on high car insurance premiums. If you have taken and completed the Pass Plus it will enable you to reduce your car insurance premiums or even get an extra no claims bonus with some insurance companies.

We provide pass plus courses in Middlesbrough, Redcar, Darlington, Stockton, Newcastle, Durham, Hartlepool, South Shields, Gateshead, and Sunderland.

The Pass Plus Itself

Pass Plus Driver Training with English School of Motoring

The Pass Plus consists of six modules, each covering a one hour period. The topics are:

  1. Dual carriageways.
  2. Motorway driving.
  3. Out of town driving and rural roads.
  4. Introduction and town driving.
  5. All weather driving.
  6. Night driving.

Remember this is not a test, it is something you carry out with a driving instructor as a continual assessment. The driving instructor will sign off each module completing the Pass Plus course progress record and training report form. Once you have passed, you send this to the Driving Standards Agency who will then issue the Pass Plus certificate. This certificate will enable you to enhance your skills, offers discounts on insurances, and reduces the risk of accidents.